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Welcome to the Gopher Hole. Glad you could make it.

By now, you're probably asking the eternal questionm "What the f@ck is a Space Gopher?!?" Right? Well, that is the purpose of this page. I shall now explain what is going on.
How did I become AlberCrombie - The Hentai Space Gopher? Well it started in the mid '80s. I was just really getting started collecting comic books and I read an article in the Comics Buyer's Guide about a comic called Cutey Bunny by Joshua Quagmire. (BTW: Josh, can be found at www.thegrid.net/quagmire/) It was a cool book about a rather attractive bunny and her quick change fashions and her super powers. The weird thing was it seemed to center around Peoria, Illinois. I was immediately drawn in by the heavy 'weirdness' factor.
      The book sounded really cool, and it just so happened that my local comics shop (The Great Escape in Louisville, Kentucky) had issues #1 and #2. Well, it was so incredible that I had to keep getting it. Anyway, the second story in each book was 'Space Gophers, Inc.' starring Al and Al the space gophers. Well, these guys were just so warped, I couldn't stand it. [actually, neither could the rest of the universe, as space gophers were considered the lowest form of life in the universe, way below pond scum with really bad achne] But,I really dug these little furry guys and the kooky cast of characters they ran around with.
      What I really thought was cool, was the fact that Al and Al's real names were both 'Abercrombie' [which since, neither one could spell it, so they shortened it to 'Al' - and yes, they both had the same name.] Now at the time, I mis-read the word 'Abercrombie' as 'Albercrombie', (notice that extra 'L' in there?) and since it was such a funky name, and decided to adopt it as my moniker. Thus, 'AlberCrombie - The Space Gopher' was born. [I capitalized the 'C' just to be a little bit weirder and a little cooler.]
(It only took me eight years to realize that I had been misspelling their name all that time.)

      Somewhere in the past years, I started to redefine this nickname into an Internet Personality known as 'The Gopher'. The title of 'AlberCrombie' was slowly being pushed aside for a preference towards 'Gopher'; I've found that Gopher has a better tendency to cause major havok than I or AlberCrombie could ever hope to accomplish. :) For a while Da Gopher could be found creeping about on the Fanfic Mailing List, The Ranma Mailing List, rec.arts.anime, and occationally (very occationally) on IRC (#ranma!).
     "But that doesn't explain the Hentai part of his name."
     Hey! Gimmie a minute - I'm getting to it!
      In the past years, Gopher has developed a very odd since of humor. Included in this are puns, a love of the plasma cannon from DOOM, mono-Katanas (a la Cyberpunk), female kitty-people (but not real cats), and anime and manga. I can't really say that he aquired a love for partying and boozing it up, because Gopher has ALWAYS loved partying and boozing it up.
      If that doesn't scream 'hentai' I don't know what does.
      Opps, sorry. 'Hentai' is the Japanese word for 'pervert'. It's an anime thing - there tend to be quite a few running about in some shows, Like Aturu in Urusei Yatsura, or Happosai from Ranma 1/2. One of the signs of hentai thoughts or actions is a nose bleed. Ya know, you think of something naughty and your blood pressure rises just a bit...

I have to be honest - there are times that I'm not sure who's in control - me, AlberCrombie, or the Gopher. Personally, I think Gopher is running the show - life's more interesting that way. -_^

...but, hey, who isn't a little nutzo these days?

Da Gopher

Oh, to give credit where credit is properly due, all gopher images were inspired by the art (and insanity) of Joshua Quagmire. They were beautifully rendered by my friend, Denise Jones.

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