The Gopher's Favorite Stuff

Favorite Hobbies

Guitar (Rock, Thrash, Blues)
Role-playing (AD&D - retired, Call Of Cthulhu)
Studying Japanese

My Favorite Comic Titles

Fantastic Four (pre-#400)
New Teen Titans (the 1980's incarnation)
Batman (Batman, Detective Comics, Long Halloween)
X-men (up to about 1991 - Now everything sucks big time!)
Cutey Bunney (by Joshua Quagmire)
Blade of the Immortal
Ah! My Goddess
Grey (the best post-apokoliptic story I've found)
Cerebus (Beware the Earth-Pig!)
Shanda the Panda
Kimagure Orange Road

Favorite Movies

The Lion in Winter (Peter O'Toole and Katherine Hepburn)
John Carpenter's The Thing
Twice Upon A Time (an animated George Lucas flick!)
JAWS (let's hear it for the SHARK!)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Rock 'N Rule
Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein
Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles
Star Wars

Favorite T.V. Shows

Miami Vice
Law and Order
Ren and Stimpy
Bullwinkle and Rocky
Batman: The Animated Adventures
Battlestar Gallactica

Favorite Authors

Robert Asprin
Fritz Lieber
Douglas Adams
Katherine Kurtz
H.P. Lovecraft
August Dereleth
Rumiko Takahashi
Marv Wolfman
Gary Trudeu
Berkely Breathed
Arthur C. Clark