Here they are - sounds from Pinesalad Productions' Dirty Pair Pariodies:

  • The Dirty Pair Does Dishes
  • The Revenge of B.D.
  • Fist Full of Pasta

I would just like to say that I did this on my own and I have no connection to Pinesald Productions. If anybody out there in la-la land is connected to Pinesalad, give me buzz.

Also : IF ANYBODY HAS THE P.S. ROBOTECH PARODIES - LET ME KNOW!!!! (or any other parodies, for that matter.)

Bounce and pounce Bed (Kei) (235K)

Oh, Shitski! (Kei) (18K)

Rambo 600 times (Kei and Ryan) (126K)

Condoms (Yuri) (20K)

Jehova's witnesses (Mark - a villan) (35K)

Terry the Terrible (Terry, Ryan, and Kei) (219K)

Indisposed (Yuri and Luigi) (117K)

Wimpa (Kei) (23K)

Here lies Carl Macek (Yuri) (86K)

Julies 6000 (Julius 6000 and Yuri) (332K)

MOOSE! (Kei) (24K)

Natural Charm (Kei and Yuri and a couple of twits) (220K)

Soviet Sugar Lump (Kei and bunch of drunks) (86K)

Addressing Yuri (Luigi) (11K)